SPARCS Site visit to Espoo
31 august 2022 | Location: Espoo
Positive Energy Districts

Espoo’s onsite visit started on the 24th of October at the shopping centre Sello in Leppävaara, which is one of the three SPARCS demo sites in Espoo. Partners and visitors from the SPARCS consortium had the opportunity to tour the premises, hear about energy solutions designed for Sello, and learn more about the Leppävaara area’s progress.

The group travelled to the other side of Espoo to visit the urban centre of Lippulaiva in Espoonlahti. At the second SPARCS demo site in Espoo, visitors and partners learnt about new energy solutions chosen for the centre, such as geothermal energy and solar panels.

After visiting two demo sites, partners and visitors ended the day enjoying a formal dinner in Leppävaara together to get to know each other better and catch up.

“The onsite visit was very successful. It truly was wonderful to be able to finally see everyone face to face in Espoo and for everyone to be able to see the Espoo demo sites in person. It was also very important that we had some time to spend together having dinner and catching up!” says Elina Wanne from the City of Espoo.

The next day continues with a visit to Kera by train from Leppävaara to learn more about this development of the third urban demo site area. These partners also presented some examples and actions of citizen engagement, and visitors had the opportunity to tour the remaining Kera halls that have not yet been demolished.

Espoo SPARCS consortium would like to warmly thank everyone who participated in the site visit.