SPARCS successful P2P Energy Platforms Workshop
25 february 2021 | Location: Leipzig
Positive Energy Districts

On 3 September, SPARCS and POCITYF organized a successful P2P ENERGY PLATFORMS WORKSHOP that took place online and on the spot as a side event of the URBIS Smart City Fair and the EIP-SCC General Assembly.

This hybrid workshop, held in a thought-provoking atmosphere with more than 70 participants from all across Europe, invited a large number of interesting experts who contributed with their presentations on a variety of topics related to P2P Energy Platforms. Both informative and interactive, this workshop had something for everyone’s taste. 

Anne Sullivan, Member of Mission Board of Climate Neutral and Smart Cities, gave the opening speech at the event. Anne was followed by Andreas Tuerk from Joanneum Research who presented on the impact of local electricity grid tariffs for energy communities on energy cost savings and vulnerable consumer groups by using an Austrian case study. Two blockchain-related presentations were next on the agenda. Simon Johanning from Leipzig University had a presentation on how the mystification of blockchain technology stands in the way of mature blockchain-based energy use cases. Tasos Tsitsanis from the SPARCS partner Suite5 closed the first part of the workshop with a demonstration of data value creation for city stakeholders through blockchain-enabled, trusted sharing of data gathered in urban buildings.

The morning of the workshop continued with five inspiring presentations. George Koutitas from Kimatica presented results from P2P energy donation platform deployment in the USA and EU. Boris Tistan from Powel.AI showed how disaggregated market behaviour improves system operation. Mark van Wees from Hogeschool van Amsterdam spoke about the energy and climate change mitigation impact of P2P energy trading in Positive Energy Districts. Beril Alpagut from Demir Enerji showed her views on citizens in future PEDs/PENs/PERs, while Sebastian Boehm from Leipziger Stadtwerke, a SPARCS partner, closed the morning part of the workshop with a presentation on how the city of Leipzig and Leipziger Stadtwerke are working together in energy transition.

The interactive part of the workshop was opened with a pitch session. In short petcha-kutcha style, we heard from  Shaun Gibbons from the city of London and Bojan Schnabl from the city of Vienna, who updated us on the progress in their cities.

The final part of the workshop was dedicated to interactive sessions to discuss three different topics:  

1. Regulation, Frameworks and P2P
How can P2P Platforms benefit from trending regulations?

2. All About Blockchain

3. P2P Citizen Engagement
How to make Citizen Engagement through P2P Platforms work?

After passionate discussions and engaged exchanges, the topic leaders presented short outcomes of the sessions and summarized the conclusions.

The event participants were found asking for more after the conclusion of this workshop. Therefore, SPARCS, POCITYF, and their smart cities projects co-organizers Sharing CitiesSmarter Together+CityxChange and Atelier, are already aiming at preparing similar workshops in the future.