SPARCS supporting EU Mission Board on Climate Neutral and Smart Cities in hearing citizens voices
25 february 2021
Smart Cities Citizen Engagement

SPARCS was initiating a citizen questionnaire to find out what are the main concerns of the citizens and what are the priorities citizens see. The results showed that the citizens main concern in climate change was how to transform the energy system to low carbon system, how the extreme weather condition and urban flooding can be tackled as well as  how  the building stock can be transformed to low carbon buildings.

When the priorities in actions was asked, the three priorities to make the city greener was zero carbon transport and energy system as well as zero carbon buildings. Citizens were willing to use zero carbon transport (walking, cycling) and recycling to fulfill the priorities, but also low carbon energy source for housing and preferring environmental certificates were highly voted options.

The questionnaire was carried out in March-April 2020. The total number of answers was 168 from 13 different cities. The cities were both small and big ones in Finnish scale and they were located in different parts of Finland.