SPARCS WEBINAR: The Best Practices of Engaging Different Actors
09 april 2023 | Location: Espoo, Leipzig
Citizen Engagement

How to engage and co-create with different actors to reach a common goal? What are the critical aspects of an effective engagement strategy? SPARCS invites you to learn more about the project’s engagement actions which have proven to be successful and to consider how these key insights could be replicated everywhere. The webinar will take place on 20 April at 10:00 online. 

SPARCS’s two lighthouse cities, Espoo and Leipzig, together with research organisations Fraunhofer and SPI, will present a newly created creation model and various citizen engagement platforms used within the project to support activities in the field of engagement and co-creation. 

The webinar aims to provide information about the results of the SPARCS project’s engagement actions related to different target segments and the most efficient way to reach them. As SPARCS experts explore the topic through different angles, delving deeper into the project results, you will understand the essential DOs and DONTs in co-creation and citizen engagement. 

You can register for the webinar by using this link


10:00 CET – Welcoming words

10:05 CET – Case Co-creation model by Jani Tartia, Espoo

10:25 CET  – Case Citizen engagement platform by Uta Pollmer, Fraunhofer

10:45 CET –  Enhancing municipal working structures for neutral climate development by Nadja Riedel, Leipzig

11:05 CET –  Social empowerment and engagement tools in SPARCS – use and results by Nino Gomes, SPI

11:25 CET – Summary and thank you 

There will be reserved time for questions and discussion after each contribution.