3D rendering of a sustainable modern apartment building  with blueprints
SPARCS Webinar Espoo
27 october 2023 | Location: Espoo
Urban Planning Urban transformation

As the world looks towards sustainable urban development as the key to our future, essential components such as smart planning, sustainable energy and transport solutions, and the holistic well-being of urban residents have taken center stage. On October 10th, 2023, RIL hosted a webinar titled “Towards Sustainable Urban Environment” conducted entirely in Finnish. This informative webinar unveiled innovative approaches to sustainable urban development within the framework of the SPARCS project.

The event kicked-off with a captivating presentation by Janne Tähtikunnas, the CEO of RIL, who provided an extensive overview of the project’s objectives and strategies. Jani Tartia, the Project Manager from the City of Espoo, then took the spotlight to introduce the Co-creation Model Toolkit, a powerful resource designed to foster sustainable and intelligent solutions for urban areas through collaborative efforts. Subsequently, Kimmo Hyttinen, Team Lead in Operations Development at Citycon, unveiled the sustainable energy solutions successfully implemented at Lippulaiva, one of the project’s demonstration sites located in Espoo.

The “Towards Sustainable Urban Environment” webinar provided invaluable insights into sustainable urban development within the framework of the SPARCS project. It underscored the potential transformation of cities into hubs of innovation, livability, and ecological responsibility, emphasizing the alignment of environmental, social, and economic goals.