The European Mobility Week at the Municipality of Kifissia
24 september 2021 | Location: Kifissia
Smart Cities Smart Mobility

For yet another year, the European Mobility Week has been completed (16-22 Sept). The campaign aims to promote behavioural change in urban transports by engaging the citizens and the local authorities in more than 80 Municipalities in the EU.
The Municipality of Kifissia participated in the Mobility Week in the context of the implementation of the SPARCS #H2020 project. The Municipality organized a series of interesting activities, which pave the way towards a more sustainable and zero carbon environment. The Kifissia Municipality inaugurated the Mobility Week on September 16th in collaboration with the Road Safety Institute «Panos Mylonas» at the Traffic Education Park of Nea Erithraia with an educational program for safe driving of e-vehicles for children.

Further to that, a kiosk was placed in the center of Kifissia city in order to promote SPARCs and to raise awareness on sustainable mobility, smart city, green energy and sustainable development. At the kiosk, visitors were able to familiarize themselves with the newest electric vehicles (i.e. cars, bicycles, skates) and have the utmost fun with a free test-drive. The Mobility Week ended on Sunday 19th with the Car-Free Day. During that day, certain streets were closed to traffic. Citizens were enabled to a “Kif-e-Ride”, an organized ride in Kifissia on electric skates and bicycles.
The EU Mobility Week is aligned with the European Commission’s target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. The idea of promoting clean and sustainable urban transport serves as a stepping stone to this goal. The SPARCS program addresses the European Commission goal via the creation of a sustainable network of smart cities, positive sustainable energy and zero carbon communities.