The European Mobility Week has already started in Maia
22 september 2022 | Location: Maia

Social spaces, bicycles, scooters, more traditional games, others more interactive related to the theme of smooth mobility and carbon neutrality and recreational activities. Nothing is missing in Praça do Município to mark the European Mobility Week (EMW). The 21st edition started this morning, the 16th, and will run until September 22nd.

The Mayor of Maia, António Silva Tiago, accompanied by the Councilor for Transport and Mobility, Mário Nuno Neves, and by the Councilor for Quality of Life, Environment, Climate and Energy, Marta Peneda, opened the event and, soon after, gave the example with a bike ride.

The objective is to continue to encourage the adoption of behaviors compatible with sustainable development, to make citizens aware of the effects that their choices of a transport mode will have on the quality of the environment, to promote intermodality and to provide citizens with an opportunity to rediscover their city, its inhabitants and its heritage, in a healthier and more pleasant environment.

The bet, underlines António Silva Tiago, is to increasingly reduce the use of the car, “harmful to the decarbonization of the territory”. When that happens, “we will be happier because we will be able to use the squares and the streets to play with our children, to live with each other, in the end we will be a fairer, more fraternal and happier society”.

Throughout the week, there will be several campaigns and awareness-raising actions on sustainable mobility and accessibility for everyone in the municipality; actions for the little ones, dealing with road safety – mini police officers in the Square and Cycling School; various exhibitions on the promotion of mobility, public transport and better connections; safety exercises and fall prevention on scooters and bicycles and the creation of a paper chase, around the theme of the Visitation Guide of BaZe – Living Lab.

Also noteworthy is the launch of a youth competition for ideas, to identify challenges, proposals, projects and concepts that contribute to a more SUSTAINABLE and EFFICIENT MOBILITY.

In addition to the dynamic activities of the week every year, a series of measures, which acquire a definitive role, are implemented. At this level, in Maia, the implementation of zones 30 stands out and, this year, Maia will launch public transport on demand in its territory. The measure will be presented on Wednesday, September 21st, at 10 am, at Fórum da Maia