The Municipality of Kifissia at the AGORA Strategic Dialogue
27 january 2022 | Location: Kifissia
Smart Cities Digitalisation

In the framework of JPI Urban Europe’s Driving Urban Transitions program (DUT), a workshop is organized; the so called AGORA Strategic Dialogue “Identifying the crossroads between urban circularity, mobility and energy”.
In the context of the AGORA event and via SPARCS H2020 project, the fellow city of Kifissia,  has been given the opportunity to present the work and the progress that has been made in terms of urban transformation in the Municipality of Kifissia. For that reason, JPI Urban Europe invited the representatives of the city to an interview creating a short video about ongoing work, challenges and thoughts about the role of experimental approaches to address urban challenges and support urban transitions.
The AGORA workshop aims at identifying priorities, issues and concerns which link in between different cities that share the common vision of a prosperous and sustainable urban transition. 
The whole event will be held on 16-17 Feb 2022. The Kifissia Municipality video clip will be displayed on Feb 16th through the following registration linkat