The Pitch – the Smart Cities Marketplace launches a video competition
H2020 EU
25 march 2021
Smart Cities

This year, the Smart Cities Marketplace is publishing a call for videos, asking members of the Smart Cities Marketplace Community, the Action Clusters, and Initiatives as well as the Smart Cities & Communities Lighthouse projects and other EU funded Smart City projects to share videos of their solutions, services and ideas. 

The submitted videos will be assessed by the Smart Cities Marketplace Consortium and the European Commission. After their evaluation, the submitters of the picked top five videos have the offer to be assisted through financing masterclasses and one-to-one coaching by the Smart Cities Marketplace’s Matchmaking team to further develop and bring their idea, product, or service to the market. 

The top five videos will, furthermore, gain some publicity by being published on the European Commission’s Smart Cities Marketplace website and the respective YouTube channel. 

The deadline for the submission is set for 1 June 2021. Please note that we are happy to receive self-produced videos and we are also happy to receive videos that have been produced for another purpose as long as they follow the content guidance below. 

Do you want to participate ? Follow the video production & content guidance:

1. Clearly state Organisation name, & contact person 

2. Please note that your video does not have to be long (2-3 minutes) or professionally made, we are interested in your proposal (self-production is very welcome)

3.  Please make sure that your video content is focused on one (or more) of the following topics ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS, RENEWABLES (ENERGY SYSTEMS INTEGRATION), DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY or MOBILITY. 

4.    Let us know the PROJECT MATURITY LEVEL in your video – as you perceive it!

   a.    PML 1 – Potential project identified (project or technology apparently suitable for intervention)
   b.    PML 2 – Project potential quantified
   c.    PML 3 –Project investment estimated, and suitable business models identified (via audit, study, benchmarking, etc)
   d.    PML 4 – Technical project and business case developed
   e.    PML 5 – Investment-Ready (Business case and tender model confirmed)
   f.     PML 6 – Investment offer or tendering requirements created (ready to sign or launch tender)

5.    Mention and explain the EXPECTED IMPACTS such as:
   a.    Energy savings 
   b.    Renewable energy production 
   c.    Avoided emissions (tCO2eq/annum)
   d.    Temporary jobs created per year
   e.    Permanent jobs created per year
   f.    Other impacts (please state)

6.    Do you seek Investment? If yes, which kind: 
  a.    Loan 
  b.    Equity 
  c.    Debt
  d.    Other (please state):    

7.    Do you already have a BUSINESS MODEL?

8.    Do you know what the INVESTMENT SIZE (EUR) will be?

Your video is to be submitted to