Thermal maps of Kladno: available also to citizens
25 february 2021 | Location: Kladno
Smart Cities Urban Planning

Thermal mapping in Kladno took place at the beginning of March as part of the international SPARCS project and we have and assessment of results. The airplane with the thermal camera took approximately five hours from a height of 800 meters to 3000 images covering the city’s area of 44 km2. Experts had prepared a thermal orthophoto map of the entire city and landscape elements, as well as a map focused only on the floor plans of buildings using a more sensitive color scale, which highlighted heat leakages from individual buildings.

The outputs of the thermal mapping are the basis for future decision making about future investments in thermal insulation of city buildings, but also for the purpose of installation of photovoltaics or for other investments/modernization or reconstructions (e. g. leakages within heating systems).

As part of the thermal mapping, an assessment of 73 city buildings was also made. Calculation of the annual total sun exposure for the installation of photovoltaics on selected buildings was proposed and the results showed that this facility, which produces renewable energy sources, can be partially installed on buildings. An analysis and construction readiness of other buildings is currently underway together with physical inspection of the building.

Thermal maps will also serve as a background document for the buildings refurbishment, e.g. as a part Energy Performance contracting (EPC) which is carried out in the city as well.

Thermal maps were made available to the public and those who are interested may see individual objects on the map, whether family houses, apartment buildings or institutions. Maps are part of the City Geoportal. For the best orientation it is good to view a thermo map together with a topographic one. Users must take into account the weather conditions during the night, where mapping took place, had changed over time, so it is difficult to compare a family houses in different parts of city.