Young woman riding an electric bicycle in urban environment
SPARCS Kifissia
16 january 2024 | Location: Kifissia
Sustainability eMobility

In the vibrant journey towards urban sustainability, the Municipality of Kifissia is taking bold strides to reshape the city’s mobility landscape. Embracing the principles of the SPARCS project, Kifissia is working tirelessly to realise its vision for a sustainable future.

As part of the SPARCS initiative, Kifissia is spearheading an innovative project to introduce the city’s first-ever e-bike sharing system. Implemented in collaboration with the local SPARCS team, this innovative venture aims to revolutionise the way residents move around the city while promoting eco-friendly alternatives to traditional transportation.

The project encompasses strategically placed fixed docking stations across Kifissia, providing convenient access to a fleet of bicycles, e-bikes, and specially designed bikes for users with mobility difficulties. This comprehensive bike-sharing system is set to complement the existing e-scooter sharing infrastructure, encouraging the widespread adoption of micromobility solutions.

Crucially, the Municipality of Kifissia has secured funding from a national scheme, highlighting the commitment to sustainable urban development. This financial support ensures the successful implementation of the e-bike sharing system, marking a significant step towards reducing car traffic and mitigating air and noise pollution in the city.

Looking ahead, Kifissia envisions an even greener future with ambitious plans for the expansion of bike routes and the addition of more bikes to the sharing system. These initiatives aim to further promote micromobility and alternative transportation methods, creating a more sustainable urban environment for both residents and visitors alike.

Kifissia’s e-bike sharing project stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to sustainable urban development and smart city principles. Through strategic planning, collaboration, and the integration of innovative transportation solutions, Kifissia is paving the way for a greener, smarter, and more sustainable future.