VIDEO: SPARCS Objectives and Goals
25 february 2021 | Location: Espoo, Leipzig, Maia, Reykjavik, Kladno, Lviv, Kifissia
Smart Cities Urban Planning Citizen Engagement Digitalisation Positive Energy Districts Smart Mobility

The objective of SPARCS is to tackle the challenges that cities are called to solve, by creating the necessary ecosystems for the urban energy transformation.

Our goal is to achieve Citizen-led inclusive free carbon urban community by integratingtechnologies for energy positivity in buildings and districts, citizen engagement, city planning and governance, flexible grid management and energy storage, and e-mobility as an energy system element.

With the help of our circular economic framework, the collaboration between public and private entities and the involvement of innovation-oriented investors, professionals, companies and citizens we seek to ensure a long-term political commitment from cities and in-depth understanding of challenges and the creation of Green city business models with their societal, environmental and economic implications on local and global scale, feed by public-private partnership investment.

Together, we develop a shared Bold City – Vision 2050.