D1.06 Visualization framework for assessing city performance

Georgios Papadopoulos, Spyridon Kousouris,Anastasios Tsitsanis

This task has the objective of providing an appropriate visualization environment (D1.6) building up on the methodology developed in T2.1, based on CITYkeys SCIS and CIVITAS actions. This will allow any city to measure the performance of its Positive Energy Districts/Blocks, and, in the long term, to track its own progress in its urban transformation pathway and corresponding
implementation process of the underlying measures to achieving the city vision. To this extent it is envisioned the creation of a tool (e.g. performance measurement system) that permits both the calculation and the evaluation of KPI’s, considering the prioritization criteria concluded during the city diagnosis phase (Task 1.1). This framework will also be adapted to quantify the level of achievement of the milestones defined in Roadmap, and ultimately of the desired scenarios. Even more, the Visualization framework is expected to act as an additional Communication and Dissemination means of the project, allowing all key stakeholders and city authorities around the EU, to continuously monitor the progress of the SPARCs demos against the baselines defined in T2.2 and easily identify highly-effective interventions that can be applied into their unique contexts. This will be done in close collaboration with the WP5 Replication by Fellow Cities, particularly under the task 5.1. Replication Strategy. The definition of the visualization framework and monitoring tool will be developed in close interaction with the WP2 Monitoring and Impact Assessment, considering that this WP will deliver detailed KPI’s technical definitions and appropriate tools for data collection.