D1.07 Scaling Up and Replication Guideline

NEWR&D et al.

The present deliverable D1.7 Scaling Up and Replication Guideline sets the stage for the SPARCS activities regarding replication and scaling up of the holistic solutions developed within the project. This deliverable will ensure the impactful legacy of SPARCS even after the end of the project.
The scale-up and replication methodologies proposed in this deliverable seek to provide a framework that ensures the effective implementation of SPARCS solutions in different contexts and environments, as these can differ in a multitude of factors (size, culture, geography, weather conditions, challenges and complexity). Therefore, this deliverable aims to provide a methodological framework that can evaluate the potential of SPARCS solutions in different cities and different realities. Furthermore, the solutions of SPARCS are integrated urban solutions, meaning that they cannot be analysed individually since they present cross effects and synergetic relations. Moreover, the SPARCS solutions are holistic, thus being more than the simple addition of its components and need to be evaluated as a whole, instead of individually. Therefore, this deliverable intends to provide a guideline methodology that captures and evaluates the possible synergies of different energy vectors in different cities and that can define a replication plan for any city, nevertheless its singularities.