D1.11 City Vision 2050 - Draft

Sociedade Portuguesa da Inovação (SPI)

Task 1.7 City Vision 2050 focuses on the definition of a City Vision for 2050 in each one of the SPARCS partner cities, tailored and embedded in the specific context of each city. To do so, a structured process was implemented, with the first step being the development of a guideline document. This document provided important information about the Vision process and how to conduct it, including aspects such as creating a schedule, forming a Task Force, selecting Key Strategic Areas, stating the Status Quo, setting up a participatory process or even conducting the Visioning Workshops.
Building upon this, the D1.11. City Vision 2050 - draft reports on the whole process from the methodological approach to the main outcomes of each city, passing through the workshops and engagement activities developed. As a result, a Draft City Vision 2050 for each one of the LHCs (Espoo and Leipzig) and FCs (Lviv, Kladno, Kifissia, Maia, Reykjavik) was developed.
Each partner city was responsible for running its own workshops and related engagement activities by following the methodology proposed. This approach was technically developed under this task, and then adapted to the specific context and specificity of each city along with the local Task Forces.