D2.01 Definition of SPARCS Holistic Impact Assessment Methodology and Key Performance Indicators

Aristotelis Ntafalias et al.

SPARCS develops a new form of smart cities framework with the ultimate goal of achieving zero carbon emissions in European cities by 2050. A multi-disciplinary consortium of over 30 European partners has been formed to define strategic methodologies, actions and evaluation processes with the aim to transform European cities into citizen-centered, environmentally friendly smart cities.
The scope of Task 2.1 and the respective deliverable report D2.1, is the definition of a continuous monitoring and assessment process of the impact that will be achieved by the SPARCS interventions in the demo sites of Lighthouse’s Cities, Espoo in Finland and Leipzig in Germany, as well as the support of the replication model for the SPARCS Fellow cities, Kifissia (Greece), Kladno (Czech Republic), Lviv (Ukraine), Maia (Portugal) and Reykjavik (Iceland).
In order to define the initial version of SPARCS Holistic Evaluation and Assessment Framework, there were three main steps followed.
As a first step, an extensive review of five prominent projects, relevant to our scope, was performed. The outcome of this analysis was the collection of more than 350 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that have been used within smart city evaluation frameworks as well as the evaluation of four prominent methodologies regarding the process and impact evaluation.
Subsequently, an in-depth analysis on SPARCS objectives was carried out using two approaches.

  • A top-down approach was based on the overarching objectives of SPARCS and gathered 29 relevant KPIs; 22 were taken from the pool of the analysed prominent projects, while the remaining seven were defined by the SPARCS team.
  • A bottom-up approach, carried out by the cities’ representatives and technical experts of SPARCS, was based on the planned SPARCS demo site actions and revealed a primary set of 10 additional KPIs. This is an ongoing process and the final list of KPIs will be provided in the updated version of this deliverable in March 2021.

As a final step, the availability of the required data linked to the outlined KPIs provided to the Lighthouse Cities and a seven steps methodology was proposed for the SPARCS Holistic Impact Assessment Framework.