D2.03 Baseline Establishment for Lighthouse Cities Impact Assessment

Suite5, City of Espoo, City of Leipzig, VTT, CENERO, LSW, WSL, SIE, CIT, SEE, VERD, ULEI, PIT, KONE, ADV

(SUITE5) M8-M30
The main aim of this task is to perform an Ex-ante evaluation of the lighthouse demos introduced in SPARCs in order to “screen the landscape” before the deployment of the actual solutions and
interventions of the project, thus allowing both for the definition of a “point of reference/ baseline” for the conduction of the project assessment, along with the extraction of valuable contextual and
business-oriented information to be used in business planning activities of WP7.

To this end, a bottom-up approach will be adopted for the detailed survey and analysis of the lighthouse demos, through the collection and processing of relevant information for the creation of a realistic and accurate baseline with regards to the Impact Indicators (as specified in T2.1), to be used as a reference for the project impact and replication potential assessment. Moreover, the Ex-Ante analysis will investigate additional aspects in the lighthouse demos, such as available infrastructures, the targeted field of innovation, the stakeholders involved, operational and business models applied, etc. to deliver a holistic view of the current situation and provide valuable feedback to the demo WPs (WP3-WP4), as well as, to the exploitation planning activities of the project (WP7).