D2.05 SPARCS Open Information Management and Monitoring Toolkit

Georgios Papadopoulos, Katerina Vagena

The aim of this task is to define a consistent methodology for the collection of data from the demonstration activities in lighthouse cities, to allow for the continuous monitoring of the project activities’ progress and, subsequently, the assessment of the impact achieved by the project interventions in the lighthouse cities. Based on the evaluation and impact assessment framework defined in T2.1, this task will initially define the data requirements to facilitate the SPARCs Impact Assessment. Based on the analysis performed in T2.2, the required data will be linked to specific datasets and databases residing in the cities’ systems or are published in the form of open data. Additional data required for the impact assessment activities of the project will be identified and relevant methods, rules and tools will be specified for their “standardized” collection and utilization in the overall framework defined in T2.1. This task will also result in an Open Information Management and Monitoring Toolkit, acting (i) as a data repository for impact assessment KPI-relevant data streams, (ii) as an interface for improving cities’ open data publication capacity; reinforcing synergies with key actors and further extending the outreach of the SPARCS activities and added value.