D5.02 Neutral Solution Packages for each Solution available online on BABLE

Gretel Schaj, Jana Helder (BABLE GmbH, Germany)

This deliverable presents the results of the task of creating rich, expert curated, neutral information packages (so-called Solutions), based on the Use Cases from the Lighthouse Cities.

There are several solutions to urban challenges available on the market. Each solution can be implemented in different variants – responding to local circumstances, the available budget or the needs of the local community. To decide if a solution is suitable for a city and which would be beneficial characteristics of it, in-depth knowledge about the solution itself is necessary.

These Solutions help cities understand what different technical systems offer them to solve their problems and what considerations they need to make to implement and replicate these solutions under differing local circumstances.
The content and structure of the Solutions aim to break down the complexity of the technical systems (Products) offered by the market and aggregate information from individual applications (Use Cases). In collaboration with a European community of experts, we structured the packaged solutions for smart cities in a way that they are modular,
configurable, standardised, and neutral.