D5.03 Smart City Manager Certificates (Profile: Urban Energy)

BABLE GmbH, Germany

This deliverable gives an overview of the Smart City Manager training developed and presented to the SPARCS cities via BABLE’s structured Smart City Manager course with a focus of urban energy. To better prepare the cities for knowledge transfer and replication opportunities, an initial online survey was conducted at the beginning of the project to identify the knowledge gaps and needs. The survey included questions related to training content that would be most beneficial for the cities; areas of interest for knowledge transfer; interventions by the lighthouse cities; and systemic areas of data governance, smart city management, innovation, systems integration, business models, and finance needs.
The questionnaires were completed by city representatives. Based on the responses from the city representatives, 16 modules were developed for the training. They are as follows:
1. Smart City as an urban development approach
2. Financing a Smart City & Procurement
3. Smart City policies
4. Stakeholders in the urban environment
5. Open systems
6. Data and privacy
7. Living labs & co-creation
8. Digital Planning
9. Introduction to Positive Energy Districts (PEDs)
10. Energy Regulations
11. Sustainable Energy & Climate Action Plans (SECAPs)
12. Generation and Storage
13. Energy efficient buildings
14. Smart and flexible grids
15. Cross-sectoral integration of energy and mobility
16. The future of urban energy