D5.04 Implementation Plan Maia


Sustainable energy Positive & zero cARbon CommunitieS, also referred to as SPARCS, demonstrates and validates technically and socioeconomically viable,replicable,and innovative solutions for rolling out smart, integrated positive energy systems for the transition to a citizen-centred zero carbon and resource efficient economy.

The city of Maia, which is located in the northern region of Portugal is one of the most dynamic cities in the North and one of the most industrialised municipalities of the country. It is crossed by major transport infrastructure, e.g. metro lines, railroads, and main road connections. The region’s international airport is also located in Maia.

The city has a long-term experience in using European and national funding for urban rehabilitation, sustainable mobility and most recently, smart cities initiatives. Under these challenges, the Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and Communities project ‘SPARCS’ is playing an important role for the uptake and development of these smart city solutions and processes in the city. It addresses urban transformation, energy, mobility, ICT, monitoring and assessment tools, business models, and financing mechanisms through an integrated approach.

The Implementation Plan includes an in-depth analysis of Maia in the Morgenstadt assessment framework and describes the city’s context through analysing its smart city initiatives, strategic plans, and official documents, with a focus on the city’s energy and mobility profile.

A City Lab Methodology for sustainable urban development was applied, consisting of a virtual onsite assessment, interviews, and a City Lab Innovation Workshop, where project outlines were identified, two of which were selected for further development following local and internal discussions. Some of these projects will have effective implementation during the SPARCS project, while the rest of the project outlines will be aligned with the Draft City Vision 2050 and depend on the availability of funding and other resources.

This deliverable is submitted, but it is pending official approval.