D6.03 Cooperation handbook: Report of lighthouse projects cooperation: Working groups and platform results

Mari Hukkalainen, Veronika Cerna, Michal Kuzmic

SPARCS is an active partner in the overall H2020 collaboration framework and actively participates in the already established SCC1 clustering initiatives. The impact objectives of these projects and a significant portion of the target audiences overlap and therefore these common activities will capitalise on this overlap with the aim to increase the individual reach and enlarge the potential pool of replication and innovation acceptance. The collaboration enables knowledge exchange, and sharing, among individual partners and work packages of the projects as well as participating to its governance. The collaboration will take place by means of participation on meetings, organization of joint events, conference participation and by building common recommendations (in T6.2). The knowledge exchange further builds on partnerships with external cross-cutting and regional initiatives that offer additional opportunity to make contact with SCC projects (in T6.3 and T6.4). Opportunities for further common activities and common deliverables will be regularly assessed and subsequently discussed and agreed with the projects' officers.
This handbook focuses on the work done in subtask 6.1.2 Clustering activities. This handbook defines cooperation means and rules for the activities with the other projects and initiatives. This will define the objectives and activities, the responsible SPARCS partners across the consortium as well as the main cross-cutting issues agreed by the cluster. It will be periodically updated according to the progress of the cooperation. Updates will be reported periodically and consolidated in a final deliverable of this task in the end of the project.