D6.08 Cooperation with other EU initiatives, regional and local initiatives

GOPA Com. et al.

Since its inception, SPARCS has developed links and relations with other projects and initiatives at EU, national, regional and local levels. Despite the huge impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had – and still has – on our lives, SPARCS partners have managed to create new connections and strengthen existing ties.
With the “new reality” in place, most of the events and collaborations have happened online or in a hybrid format. This transition to online activities has ensured continuity in collaboration, smooth exchanges with other projects and active participation in ongoing initiatives. Despite a surge of “Zoom fatigue” in recent months it is likely that online activities will continue to dominate communications in the near future.
This report summarises the most relevant collaborations developed during the first 24 months of SPARCS. The main achievements with regard to cooperation through horizontal cross-cutting initiatives and policymaking include acquiring leading positions in two research and policy-oriented networks – the IEA Annex 83 Positive Energy Districts and COST Action PED-EU-NET – as well as maintaining close collaboration with EU-level initiatives on smart cities and organisations targeting urban sustainability.