D6.11 Report of Cooperation with Networks of Cities or Sectors

GOPA Com., VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Czech Technical University in Prague, University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings

Fostering and maintaining strong connections with various initiatives and platforms has always been key to the success of SPARCS. From shared communication activities to individual exchanges with other networks of cities and sectors, this collaboration is pivotal to fostering innovation, boosting knowledge exchange and accelerating replication potential. Coordination of common activities and shared communication efforts help find synergies across projects and networks with the aim to connect, identify relevant expertise and contribute to the overarching objective of promoting smart urban areas.

This report summarises the most relevant cooperation with regional and national networks under T6.4 and also presents the networking and participatory knowledgesharing activities under T6.5. SPARCS has established strong ties with a large number of networks and projects. This rigorous involvement provides visibility to SPARCS in terms of coordinated activities related to events and communication, solution development, implementation and replication.

This report will be further updated in M60 as a D6.12 Report of Cooperation with Networks of Cities or Sectors - updated version. 

This deliverable is submitted, but it is pending official approval.