D7.02 Demand-driven Holistic Smart City Service Roadmap for Impact Enhancement

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft IAO

This deliverable presents a holistic roadmap for additional and complementary smart city services to enhance the impact of the actions considered that are being implemented in Espoo and Leipzig. The scope of Task 7.2 and the respective deliverable D7.2, is the inventarisation and development of additional holistic smart city services to enhance impact of planned SPARCS actions in Lighthouse Cities, as well as inspire and inform Fellow Cities (Kifissia Greece, Kladno Czech Republic, Lviv Ukraine, Maia Portugal and Reykjavik Iceland) for future smart city interventions. Through analysis of the baseline and planned actions of Lighthouse Cities and a workshop with both local consortia, an urban energy roadmap suggest to cities and local consortiums potential next steps for additional services and which stakeholder types should or could be involved for further development.
Deliverable 7.2 forms a basis for further analysis into urban challenges and opportunities arising in the SPARCS Lighthouse districts that can be further pursued in a start-up competition in T7.4.