D8.14 Webinars

Veronika Cerna and Ilija Prachkovski

This deliverable defines the organisation and coordination of the webinars within the SPARCS project, which are being organised within WP8 and other work packages. The webinars, although they differ in terms of content and outcome, still have commonalities and follow a similar methodology when it comes to inclusion of audiences, interactivity and engagement.

Content-wise, the project webinars address two different goals of the project:
- Replication;
- Dissemination (with the aim of replication).

This document, therefore, outlines the aspects that are common to both webinar types, and describes the differences when it comes to the topics and how they are approached. In addition, the SPARCS webinars define the logistics, the software and the dissemination methods used to promote and communicate the webinars after they have been presented.

Finally, having implemented one of the webinars already, we provide an example of a ready-made product to illustrate some of the descriptions and methodologies provided within this document, to better showcase our approach.