SPARCS aims at active collaboration with all ongoing Horizon 2020 SCC smart city projects, with a view to learning from their experience and exchanging best practices. SPARCS cooperates with projects such as Triangulum, Smarter Together, STARDUST, MatchUP and mySMARTLife, along with initiatives like ESPRESSO and CONCERTO.


In the Lighthouse Projects Cooperation Manifesto, lighthouse projects declare their commitment to work together to create drivers for smart cities growth and to deliver results that have a real impact on the challenges that cities are facing. SPARCS objectives are fully aligned with those set out in the manifesto and we are fully committed to its goals.

Info on scis

The Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) is a knowledge platform enabling the exchange of data, experience and know-how. Through the platform, smart city stakeholders can collaborate towards providing a high quality of life for city dwellers in a clean, energy-efficient and climate-friendly urban environment. SCIS brings together project developers, cities, research institutions, industry, experts and citizens from across Europe.