Boosting sustainable urban mobility: The Case Espoonlahti
SPARCS Regional
01 december 2022 | Location: Espoo
Smart Mobility

This document examines Espoonlahti area and Lippulaiva blocks as a case for sustainable urban mobility development. The analytical focus is set on the SPARCS project aims regarding electric mobility, or e-mobility, development, including the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, examining the potential for shared e-mobility services, and identifying new concepts for e-mobility hub solutions. The document focuses on presenting local demonstration activities from the project set in the Espoonlahti area and Lippulaiva blocks, as well as discussing their initial learnings and results, and their effects for future urban development. The document also describes a workshop process that was conducted to examine and localize these themes.​

This paper is part of SPARCS project Work Package 3 ‘Espoo demonstrations’, Task 3.4 ‘E-mobility integration’, Subtask 3.4.1 ‘Boosting E-mobility uptake in the Espoonlahti district, Lippulaiva blocks’, Action E2-3 ’Boosting the uptake of E-mobility’ in Lippulaiva blocks and Espoonlahti area.