Winter aerial view of the landscape of the Czech Republic. D6 freeway and Kladno city.
06 february 2024 | Location: Kladno
energy solutions SECAP

In an effort to boost sustainable energy management, the city of Kladno was awarded ISO 50001 certification for its Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) in December. This certification reflects the city’s commitment to efficient energy practices and marks a pivotal moment in Kladno’s journey towards environmental responsibility.

A noteworthy development within the SECAP involves the expansion of the Čabárna educational eco-centre, located near Kladno. A new building, designed as a natural classroom, will be constructed and operated in line with sustainable energy management principles. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024, underscoring Kladno’s dedication to fostering eco-friendly educational spaces.

Positive report from building inspectors

As part of the SECAP, city-owned buildings underwent a thorough inspection, with auditors scrutinising documents and data related to energy performance. This assessment aimed to gain insights into Kladno’s energy management practices. The inspectors provided an encouraging report, affirming compliance with energy standards and issuing an energy performance certificate. The positive report from the inspectors was largely due to the contribution of SPARCS-related initiatives, including energy management, eMobility projects, renovations, thermal mapping, the implementation of Positive Energy Districts, and the introduction of a new RES+ business plan.

The ISO certificate entails a commitment to ongoing efforts to enhance the energy efficiency of buildings. Subsequent re-certification every three years will evaluate the progress made, ensuring a sustained commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

Holistic approach to sustainable urban development

As part of the SECAP, various activities unfolded, such as the optimisation of capacity, distribution rates, and circuit breakers for city buildings. Plans are underway for the renewal of the city’s transport fleet, transitioning towards clean mobility and the digitalisation of transport administration. The development of SECAP activities and a roadmap to achieve lower emissions and energy savings in city assets signifies a holistic approach to sustainable urban development.

Looking ahead, Kladno is in the process of formulating an implementation plan that encompasses diverse actions, ranging from non-investment initiatives to large-scale projects. This comprehensive plan covers education, promotional energy-saving campaigns, smart metering, and more. Future audits will assess the adherence to this plan, ensuring that Kladno remains on track in fulfilling its commitments.

In the broader context of SECAP, these initiatives contribute to the city’s overall sustainability goals. The benefits for Kladno are multifaceted, encompassing improved energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and a strengthened commitment to eco-friendly practices. The recently acquired ISO 50001 certification, as explicitly mentioned in the SECAP, reinforces the city’s determination to implement the action plan and proposed measures.

Charting course towards a sustainable future

These developments build upon the foundations laid during the public hearing on SECAP, where the city engaged its residents in discussions on long-term strategies for sustainable development. The progress made since then underscores Kladno’s commitment to creating a city that is carbon-neutral by 2050.

As Kladno charts its course towards a sustainable future, the integration of SECAP initiatives into the broader Sustainable Development Strategy reflects a targeted approach. From transport and environment to education and business, Kladno is poised to emerge as a model city for comprehensive and responsible urban development, setting an inspiring example for others to follow.